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Beyond The Booth: 4 Unique Event Activities

Out with the old, in with the new. Parties and events don't have to be boring!

Unique party entertain ideas

If it’s not a photo booth, it’s a caricature booth, and we’re tired of seeing that at every party! It’s time to switch things up and pave the way for a #nonbasic event. Regardless of whether or not its a boring corporate bonding, or a themed party, it’s no excuse to keep reusing the same entertainment for your guests. Give that magic show a break, because we’re here to suggest the best ideas for birthday parties, corporate events and weddings.

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This one's for those who can't seem to socialise unless they have a drink in their hand 🫢

Mixology Booth

If you’re looking for interactive activities for any event, you can’t skip this one, because who doesn’t love a good cocktail (or mocktail)? Shake it up and whip out your best mixology skills at this engaging cocktail station or workshop.

Image credits and recommendations: Halal Mixologist, The shakeaffinity, Mixes from mars

Best part? Impress others at the next party with some tips and tricks you learn at this one. From the perfect pairing of ingredients to mixing techniques and garnish, this can be a fun and entertaining activity for everyone to let loose! With a bunch of workshops and pop-up booth services available, this booth will be a sure hit.


Sure, you can have a flash tattoo booth, but with alcohol around, you can almost guarantee drunken regrets. Next choice? Henna of course!

Jagua Tattoo Booth

Networking events and orientations can be awkward and orchestrated. Having a henna booth can definitely encourage a more natural conversation among guests. Worried about the guys not enjoying Jagua tattoos too much? Well who says henna has to always be about flowers and butterflies? Break some ice at this station and walk out with beautiful body art for the gram.

Image credits and recommendations: Indian Inks, jynk_ink, henn.drawn

Tips for corporate jagua henna booth

Bouncy Castle

Entertaining kids is not as easy as it sounds. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to keep the little ones entertained, renting a bouncy castle is a great option.

Bouncy castle for kids party

Image credits: The Outset

Bouncy castle rental services can be expensive especially with the setup and teardown fees.. But here is a quick tip:

Kids party activities

Don’t leave the fun out for all the adults! Get them involved in some inflatable games like rodeo bull, sumo wrestling or even a ring toss (depending on the size of your event space). No idea where to find a giant space to accommodate your crazy ideas? Check out the Outset's 3,300 square foot venue.


Psychic Reading Booth

Superstitions are part of the Singaporean culture, and regardless of our beliefs, we have all been curious about finding some clarity in our lives. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are intrigued by spiritual phenomenons and have an open mind when it comes to new age fanaticism.

Add some mystique and excitement to your event with a tarot reading or aura reading booth for guests to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their life paths.

Tarot card reading for events

Image credits: Tarotonthemoon

If your’e an event planner who is looking for corporate event activities, look no further. Brands have been engaging these psychic reading booths as activities for launch parties and events, including Dior, Bentley, Carlsberg, Moschino, Singapore Grand Prix and more!

Tarot Card Reading Services

Aura Reading Services

Elaine (Tarotothemoon)

Prices available upon contact

Tips for Tarot Card reading booth

Stop reusing the same event entertainment and start getting your party-goers excited with unique and memorable activities!


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