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Brands By Female Entrepreneurs You Should Support For Your Upcoming Wedding

By women, for women.

Want to make a statement on your big day? Or add a touch of uniqueness and creativity? What better way to do so than to support #ladybosses by incorporating women-owned products and services in your wedding.With International women’s day coming up, we decided to curate a couple of our favourite brands led by women for you to consider for your upcoming events:

Rock some Afro-Asian inspired fits for your pre-wedding shoots and make a statement! This slow fashion brand was created by Ideoma Ubby who integrates African fabrics with Cheongsams, Kimonos (Afromono), Swimwear, Dresses and more, using 100% cotton fabric! #culturalappreciation.

Image credit: Olive Ankara

Imagine going for a forest-y background with these striking and vibrant prints that make you POP! And, yes they look very similar to batik prints, because of the diverse influences of both African and asian cultures back in the day!

Fun fact: Print Textiles

Printed textiles like African print designs and even batiks have different motifs and stories behind them. Here’s one of our favourites (not that you should wear this print out, but if the shoe fits… jk we hope not)

The love bomb (a.k.a - wounded heart)

This print shows the state of mind of a woman who is aware that her husband is cheating on her 🥴 leaving her with a broken heart (#drophimnow)

Image credit: Olive Ankara

Step up your decor game with some larger than life paper installations by one of our very own partners! From experimenting with crafts on social media back in 2020, Pei Li, the Mumtrepreneur, is now one of the best Paper Flower artist in Singapore.

Image credit: Pei-per flower

From hanging installations to bouquets and more, this #momboss not only runs a paper art studio, but an arts and crafts school as well! Not forgetting Symond, who hustles alongside her, this power duo can make your wedding look ethereal.

Michelle, an environment enthusiast, founded this brand to encourage sustainable urban living after witnessing how corals are disappearing. From selling friendly candle sets, she has successfully been able to get more people to #savetheearth. With every product sold, 10 trees will be planted with Eden Reforestation Projects. So imagine by buying your wedding favours, you’ll help to create a forest 😛.

Image credit: Pass it on

From unique scents like - white tea & ginger all the way to wood sage & sea salt, impress your guests with this unique and chic gift idea while having environmental consciousness!


You can’t talk about women empowerment without mentioning the ladies out there dominating the music industry. So here is our ladies only playlist for you to add to your list of jams for your wedding!

Your wedding is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for, and supporting women-owned businesses is a powerful way to demonstrate that. As beyonce once said.- who run the world.. girls.


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