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Get A Bang For Your Buck With These Affordable Wedding Tips

End your wedding ceremony with a bang instead of a blow to your wallet.

Regardless of whether you are team #biggerthebetter or #mywalletiscrying, it’s safe to say everyone loves a good money saving hack, and here are our top favourites.

1) Get a naked cake

You read that right. Bare it out with naked cakes since they are all the rage especially at a rustic wedding venue. Think exposed ceilings, high windows, cemented floors - how chic. This cake style truly screams - “what matters is on the inside”. It’s commonly filled with layers of scrumptious filling such as fruits and ganache. Since lesser time is required to prepare this cake, it is a lot more affordable than the typical fondant/buttercream wedding cake we commonly see.

Wedding terminology 101 - Naked cake:

A cake style where a thin layer of frosting is evenly spread, with bits of the cake peeking through. Similar to the technique called crumb-coating.

2) Choosing the right venue (for the right amount of people)

You might want to say yes to that big country club your parents are making you go visit, or that rooftop restaurant with overpriced food. Remember, those are not your only options! Choosing a non-traditional venue that has ample equipment and amenities can help you save a ton of money. Here are some amenities to lookout for:

  • AV system

  • Karaoke Machines

  • Bridal room

Image Credit: The Outset

Bonus points if that venue already has the “vibe” and charm that you are looking for as it creates a strong foundation for the wedding aesthetic you desire.

3) DIY craft party

Grab your overalls and paint brushes, because its about to get messy. From decorations to party favours, add a personal touch to your wedding and use this as an opportunity for the bridal party to bond! Consider DIY-ing the following:

  • Paper pinwheels

  • Edible live stations

  • Dry flower arrangements

4) DJ bring the beat back

Save up on hiring a DJ / or an emcee! Get your funniest cousin to do you a solid favour and crack a couple of jokes to entertain the audience! Plus, you can't have a wedding without some vibey music. Need help with the wedding playlist? - We’ve created a bunch for all sorts of couples. Follow us for more playlist updates!

(P.S - do review the songs before playing it during your ceremony. We cannot guarantee the appropriateness, thank you)

5) Are you really going to use it again?

Rent & return everything, from your wedding outfits to bridesmaids dresses all the way to jewellery. No, you will not wear those sparkly stiletto shoes another day. Of course, keepsakes are important, but they don’t have to be large and extravagant like a wedding dress. Here are some keepsakes/mementos for the bride and groom you can consider instead:

  • Cake Toppers

  • Wedding hangers

  • Champagne glass / Wine bottle (or just the cork)

As the saying goes “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket”, so try these money saving tips before you have an “out of money experience” 😉



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