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How to: Be A Bridesmaid

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Saying yes to being a bridesmaid is all fun and games until you realise what you just agreed to. Welcome to part 1 of Bridesmaids for dummies 101:

Lesson number 1: It’s not you, its her

As much as you’d like to say NO to the bridesmaids dress that your best friend picked, or GOD NO to her choice of centre piece, remember, its not your big day, its hers. Be supportive of her vision and try your best to execute the wedding just like she imagined. Instead of suggesting something completely different, work around her ideas! Once you start being pushy , the bride might instinctively start planning her entire wedding on her own and turn into #bridezilla from all the stress. With that being said..

Lesson number 2: Comfort and practicality > Style

It may be tempting to put on those red bottoms or a heavy velvet dress. But are you going to be able to have enough mobility to run around and make sure things are going smoothly?

And yes, those tiny purses are super cute but...

Image Credit: Page Six , The Cut , Business Insider

... as a good bridesmaid - you’ve gotta carry some essentials, so ditch those impractical bags! Here's what's in our bridesmaid's bags:

  • Mints

  • Water

  • Pins

  • Blotting sheets

  • Portable fan

Lesson number 3: There is no such thing as "I've got nothing to do"

1. Provide options for the bride based on her vision - From venue locations to catering options and desserts, there are countless things to look into, and laying out the options and price points might help her narrow them down.

2. Capture the moment for the bride - if she isn't planning to hire a social media creator to get behind the scenes shots of the wedding, take some IG stories of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, exciting moments the ceremony, or even while turning it up during the after-party.

3. Be a timekeeper - Extra/late fees are not fun. Keep track of the time the guests have to leave, when the food has to arrive etc. This way, the bride can have a peace of mind and enjoy her day.

Being a bridesmaid for the first time can be daunting. But with the right mindset and attitude, it can be a whole lot of fun! Unless, you're the backup bridesmaid...oops...



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