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3 Tips For Planning Your First Event

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

From event planners with 17 years of experience.

Planning an event for the first time can be daunting - especially when it’s your dream wedding, or your child’s first birthday. However, the planning process can be more of an adventure rather than a stressful experience with the right tips and tricks!

1) Sending e-invites

Digital invitations are not only sustainable #savetheturtles, but they are also massive time savers when it comes to tracking RSVP’s. Design your own invitations using simple design applications such as Canva and add a QR code linking out to a google form for them to RSPV. You can also get creative - hit them with hilarious memes or get artsy without having to worry about printing fees. Petrified about what your grandparents might say about not getting a physical copy for your wedding? Print them out just for them to keep as memorabilia 😛 - don’t forget to remove the inappropriate memes.

Image Credit: Someecards

2) Expect the unexpected

Since this is your first event, you will definitely have a mini freak-out if things don’t go as planned. Which is why you need to make sure you have your support team to activate crisis mode when you delegate your tasks. If you’re planning an event on your own, engage companies that offer one-stop event solutions to reduce the stress of coordinating multiple vendors and guests at the same time.

One can only wish that our entire masterplan works out to the t according to our meticulous checklists, but we can’t always control the logistics or mother nature! Unless we’re Storm from X-Men, we should always have a wet weather plan especially if your venue is outdoors. Even if it isn’t, add on some buffer time for logistics to turn up a lot later than planned.

Image Credit: Big Bad Toy Store (Marvel)

3) Entertain! Entertain! Entertain!

From paper flower making to opening the floor up to a talent show or even being your own mixologist, the possibilities are endless when it comes to guests choosing their adventure during your event. Support small local businesses as well as up-and comers as they will work extra hard to ensure everything is perfect for your event (Plus, it gives them an opportunity to build their portfolio too).

Here are some of our favourite entertainment at our space:

Featured @ The Outset: Live Band (TMD) Arcade Games ( Karaoke (In-house)

Corporate event entertainment ideas

  • Pass the message

  • Company Concerts

  • Secret Santa / Gift Exchange

Birthday entertainment ideas

  • Bouncy Castle

  • Face painting

  • Photo booth

Wedding entertainment ideas

  • Karaoke

  • Couple Q&A

  • Live stations: Froyo, Mocktails, Live painting

With the right support system and planning, events can be fun to organise! So get crafty, take a breath and enjoy the moment. Still not up for planning your own event or just finding it a hassle? We’ve got you covered from venue locations to catering and more. Contact us now for more information.



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