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6 Trendy Wedding Themes Unveiled

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Time to get ideas out of your Pinterest saves

Deciding on a wedding theme for your big day is no easy feat and we all know how flooded your Pinterest account already is from all the wedding inspo over the years. Finding the perfect theme is the best way to add some personality and creativity to your celebration. From a Halloween themed one to a classic fairytale wedding, there are thousands of options to choose from, which can be daunting. Fret not! We've got you covered with some trendy themes to help you narrow down your options.

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You may have been binge-watching Bridgeton and all the other royal family shows, so you can’t say no to a grand wedding now can you?


Starting with extravagant costumes, champagne towers to everything lace, this theme screams GRAND WEDDING. This unique theme captures the essence of the early 1800s. Though there aren’t any actual castles in Singapore for you to hold your wedding, you can still make do with elements like brick walls, chandeliers, and more!

Black Wedding - Midnight Romance

Caught in a dark romance? Channel your inner Wednesday and go for an all-black wedding! Yes, highly unconventional, but you don’t have to go full-on black for your wedding. Adding some elements of black can create extra sophistication - from programs to flowers and table settings, it can add a little grunge and personality to your big day.

Neon Themed - Electric Love Affair

Want a truly unique wedding that brings out that inner child in you? Have a neon-themed wedding! From retro-themed silent discos to neon paint battles, this theme is highly versatile and can definitely make an impression on your guests. Want to make your wedding more interactive? Give out glow sticks and have neon painting activities for the kids!


If these themes are a little too out there for your traditional family, here are some crowd favourites (P.S You can get complimentary styling with The Outset's Wedding Packages with the following themes 😉)


Sophisticated and never goes out of style

Definitely a popular wedding choice - a white wedding. Timeless, elegant, and ethereal. You simply cannot go wrong with this minimalistic colour scheme that will not only put the focus on you, but it also serves as a beautiful base colour to complement other colours in the wedding. It’s incredibly versatile regardless of the size of wedding you might be having!


Passionate and striking

This is for all you bold people out there who have a flair for some drama. Celebrate the deep love you have for one another with this vibrant theme. Infuse your alluring personalities and make a statement on your wedding day!


Terracotta colour palette

A barn wedding might be right up your alley with its rustic charm, but where are you going to find an actual barn in Singapore to get that done 🤔? And even if you do find out, are you willing to share the spotlight with a piglet? If not, an industrial setting might work well to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness.

Can’t pick your favourite theme? We can’t either. Take a quiz and get a computer to decide for you! (Seriously, you can’t keep going in circles). Choosing a theme that fits you vibe and aesthetic can set the tone for your wedding, but it can add up. So opt for venue services that offer free styling with beautiful decor now.



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