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Intimate I Do's: Micro Weddings, Where Less Becomes More

Going big on small celebrations

Intimate wedding setup

Going micro has been a hot trend in recent years, especially with the influence of Covid. Couples are opting for intimate and budget-friendly ceremonies to tie the knot and it's not just about the practicality, though. Going micro gives couples the chance to focus on what truly matters to them! From an incredible destination venue to a whimsical four-tier cake, this is the perfect opportunity for them to prioritise their must-haves and create a truly magical day.

What is a micro wedding

When it comes to wedding budgets, a big chunk often goes to food and door gifts. But guess what? There's a clever way to tackle that—trim down the guest list! By reducing the number of guests, you can save a ton and still have an amazing celebration. Here are some budget-friendly wedding ideas for you to save a couple of bucks:

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Battle of the wedding invitation

If you’re planning to just let your parents or grandparents to decide your guest-list, things can quickly escalate from "we're inviting a few people" to the start of an Avengers-style battle.

Guest list nightmare

But is that really something YOU want? Here are some questions to consider before your entire family tree and neighbourhood turns up:

  • How often do you see this person? Like seriously, when was the last time you've spoken to them?

  • Are they on your guest list purely because of family obligations?

  • And, let's be real, is this person a drama magnet?

Let’s say you do lose that battle of who you can invite, one way to compromise do so is to live stream your wedding! This way, you can still keep to your small guest-list for those who matter to you most.


"Sorry, you're not invited"

So how do you tell someone they can watch your wedding but not attend it? By sending them a not-so wedding invitation of course!

Online wedding invitation ideas

Instead of an invitation to physically attend your wedding, sending them a link or a GR code to the live stream page can allow them to enjoy your day with you virtually. Not only can you relive your wedding day in the future, people who were not physically invited would feel slightly less salty :p

Livestream your wedding

Plus one’s can wait outside

What if you painstakingly narrowed down your list and people start assuming they’re invited? Or if they bring along a plus one or all their kids without asking.

  • Keep the invitations discreet - imagine the horror going back to work on Monday, facing colleagues who you did not invite

  • Limit the number of plus one’s allowed

  • Have an “adult-only” wedding

How to have a "child-free" wedding

Overall, there aren’t many downsides when it comes to having a micro wedding apart from the guest list. However, if we’re covering all bases, one thing to consider is the minimum order quantity of some vendors else, it’s easy for costs to add up. So, find those who specialise in micro weddings or cater to smaller order quantities such as SONDER by Co , Whipped Love, XIYING for wedding favours!



Items sold

Average price/piece


Halal Honey, Gem Biscuits etc



Mask holder, tea infuser, Sanitiser pouch etc



​Keychains, Coasters


Image credits: Whipped Love

If you’re looking to avoid the stress and expense of a large scale wedding, a micro wedding is a great idea. Plus, having it at an event venue space that can settle all your wedding needs is a plus! 😉



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