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The Ultimate V-day Guide

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Whether you are spending Valentines Day with your partner, friends, situationship (😉), or alone in bed (no judgement here), we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you!

Image Credit: Meme 1, Meme 2

1) Host a post V-day Galantines day party

Who says you have to mope around all day just because you’re single? Valentines Day is not just for celebrating your partner in a romantic setting. Celebrate love and affection in all forms - friends and family included. Have a mini-get together, or go all out with a themed party at an event venue. Remember, gifts don’t have to be physical.. some people enjoy quality time more!

Here are some of our favourite v-day party themes:

  • “Love letter lounge” - get your guests to bring their love letters from their current partners (or hilarious ones from their exes, play some truth or dare and let it all out. Don’t forget to bring some actual love letters to snack on with all the tea!

  • “Bad romance” - be bitter about love and romance with your pals and treat yourselves with some live mani/pedi stations. Or just turn it up with some jams.

  • “The sweet soiree” - dress up in your gowns/suites and get a sugar rush with a myriad of sweet treats to get the party started.

Image Credit: The Outset

The best part about a get-together is belting it out to some classics! Intrigued but too busy to plan an entire party? Engage a one-stop event solution to help you out.

2) Love at first bite

You cannot go wrong with treats and snacks... unless you have no idea what they like (🙄). Figure out if they love a good sweet treat or savoury snacks, to narrow down your options. Here are some of our favs:

Top it off with a cute card, and you’re good to go!

3) Probably loves astrology more than you

Is your partner constantly talking about moon or star signs? Virgo this… Taurus that… well, this is the perfect gift for them! Find out the date and time of your first date and use a moon phase calculator or a custom sky map. This can be given in the form of a poster, a pendant, bracelets and more.

Image Credit: The Night Sky

Image Credit: Sole Studio, Meme Card

4) Too difficult to buy gifts for? Just go for an experience!

  • DIY Mocktail / Cocktail - Put your watchmojo / wikihow searches to good use and search up mixology tips online

  • Relive some childhood memories - Visit their old neighbourhood, play childhood board games and eat some snacks!

  • Have some unresolved issue but don’t want to fight over Valentines day? - Head to the Fragment Room and let it all out!

Valentines Day planning doesn’t have to be stressful! Goodluck, and we hope you successfully got what your partner wanted in the first place 😛



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